Naturally Skinsational

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by Sue Dolan,

Naturally Skinsational

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Naturally Skinsational provides a bunch of recipes for products that will bring out the best in your skin. You’ll get all-natural recipes for masks, scrubs, toners, steams, wraps, under-eye treatments and more. There are recipes for every skin type.

With Naturally Skinsational, you won’t have to waste money on expensive creams, scrubs and toners that won’t help your skin and may actually hurt it. The products you’ll make using the recipes in Naturally Skinsational are safe, effective and free from chemicals, additives and preservatives.

These recipes are very easy to follow and require only ingredients you can cheaply and easily find at just about any store. Using these products will help you look and feel “skinsational!”

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This book is an absolute treasure!
On-Site Review

Sue Dolan’s knowledge of ingredients to use for rejuvenating the skin is impressive and her recipes for everything from facial masks to moisturizers to facial cleansers with ingredients readily available to anyone is fascinating. And they work!
The recipe ebook is chock full of recipes and skin care tips. In addition, the book is charming and delightful to read and occasionally whimsical. A recipe for a facial mask for a special occasion, in this particular case Halloween, is entitled “Witches Brew,” and, among other things, calls for “10 of your best dragon tears, (fresh cranberries can be substituted if necessary”!)


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