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by IPad Pete,

Ipad Video Lessons by IPad Pete

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iPad Video Lessons With latest Apple iPad release

If you bought new Ipad and you’re still groping with the usage of your chic device, iPad Pete will help you unleash its maximum potentials. iPad Pete is a collection of video lessons that cover all of the tablet’s features and benefits. It will demonstrate how you can use every single cool stuff there is that makes your iPad worth the splurge.
Good thing about this new ‘geek buddy’ is it helps you save your time and energy figuring out yourself how to use it with utmost fun and ease. With iPad Pete you can get rid of the hassles of experimentation by simply watching the demos. Anyway, it’s flexible; you can play them at your own convenient hour (at 11 minutes per day). Each video will show you quickly how to perform everything that you want to do with your sleek gizmo.

Apple IPad

Apple IPad

The iPad Pete video course is composed of 8 comprehensive modules:

  • Module 1: All Things you need to know about your iPad
  • Module 2: All about online tips and tricks
  • Module 3: Hints about mail
  • Module 4: iPad reading
  • Module 5: Having fun with apps and being productive
  • Module 6: Listening to tunes and podcasts
  • Module 7: Organizing your pictures
  • Module 8: Video-watching on iPad – Over 100 Videos Watch over 100 videos online to master everything you want to do on your iPad.


  • iOS5 Training
  • iCloud Training
  • Wireless Updates, Backups & Syncing
  • Reminder’s App
  • Using Notifications
  • iPad Magazines
  • Begginer’s Bootcamp



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Ipad Pete Video Lessons.


It’s all picture perfect
On-Site Review
Everything about these iPad Video Lessons is ingenious. The ideas behind it, the execution of it, it is all picture perfect and I wouldn’t alter a hair on its beautiful head. Most importantly: it pulled through for me in a big way, and I am truly grateful that I am now able to look back and say that the wonderful training in iPad Video Lessons is what got me up to speed with my iPad.

Tom Philips

This course has really achieved results fast
On-Site Review
At the time that I am writing this it has only been a day since I bought the iPad Video Lessons, and I am still wrapping my head around everything I’ve learned. I think that this course has really achieved results way faster than I could ever have figured out on my own. Looking forward to the watching the rest of the videos.

Brenda Davis

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  1. Judith Carlisle says:

    Hello, I purchased the lifetime membership when I got my first ipad. I now have a ipadair but cannot sign in. I have forgotten my password but the reset just takes me in circles. Please help me with signing in.

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