Clash of Clans Mega Guide

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By The Greatest Minds in CoC,

Clash of Clans Mega Guide

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Clash of Clans Mega Guide is the Clash of Clans Bot and step by step guide on how to master Clash of Clans and achieve a MAXED TH11 and master every single war your clan engages in! If you are not one of the TOP 100 players in Clash of Clans, then this Guide is a must read for you!

You will learn unique secrets and new strategies in terms of real money than the cost of Mega Clash Of Clans Guide. With this guide you’ll not spend your money and thousands of hours to play and and testing without any benefits.

Here are just a few aspects that Clash of Clans Guide covers:

1- Free Access to “Clash of Clans BOT”

2- Top “Attack Strategies” Guide

3- Top “Base Layouts” for All Town Hall Lvls

4- “Priority Upgrade” Guide for all Levels

5- Tons of Tips, Tricks and Hints to Master CoC

What you will Get in Clash of Clans Mega Guide:

  • Full access to the top Clash of Clans Bot!
  • Clash of Clans Bot can help you do many things in Clash of Clans very fast.
  • For those who want to gain trophies, you can use Trophy Pushing to raise your trophies to your desired level.
  • For people who aren’t really interested in spending hours on upgrading one wall, automatic farming and wall-upgrade makes upgrading your walls quick and easy.
  • You’ll get maxed out walls in just a few days and you don’t have to do a thing!
  • If you don’t have max storage’s every day then you are missing out and getting behind!
  • The Clash of Clans bot makes five builders seem like nothing, even at higher townhalls as you will always have more than enough gold and elixir.
  • It is advisable to always keep a builder available to automatically upgrade walls so that your extra gold and elixir gains are never wasted.
  • You will not need to pay any extra charge to use this bot! The price of this guide covers access and unlimited usage of this Clash of Clans Bot.
  • And much more!

Free Bonuses

Clash of Clans Bot

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Lifetime updates and new releases

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“Very detailed guide. Easy to follow and filled with Clash of Clans secret tips that I never knew existed. I was TH7 and only a month later I am a TH11 with 3940 trophies after putting this guide into action.”

“Excellent guide! Straight to the point and is straight to the point.”

“I have been playing Clash of Clans for over a year. I never expected that this game had such tricks and strategies. I have always wondered how top 100 players in the game reached that position, but not anymore. I am #35 in the top players list of Clash of Clans now.”

“Very good and informative guide. Loved it!”

“Love the fact that this guide gets updated often. I have purchased this guide 5 months ago and already received 3 emails with updates.”

“I was quite hesitant to purchase this guide at first. Especially since I already was a TH11 close to maxing all upgrades. I must say that this guide has proven to be extremely useful as it has awesome Attack strategies that I cannot believe I never knew existed. I can now 3 star all war attacks! Oh, and the Clash of Clans Bot that comes with the guide is definitely worth it.”

“I ordered this guide specifically to get the Clash of Clans Bot. It works like a charm and I have it running 24/7! I have not checked the guide yet, but looks very informative and very well designed.”

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Clash of Clans Mega Guide

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