Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss System

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by Craig Ballantyne,

Simple Nutrition

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The Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss SystemFat Loss  by Craig Ballantyne, is one of the most popular fitness experts, If You’re Sick & Tired of Confusing Carb-Restriction Diet Programs That Leave You Starving & Stuck with Stubborn Belly Fat, Then Get Ready For The Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss System And you’ll get the brand new, 31 Blender Drink Recipes to help you drink yourself lean!

With this easy, enjoyable system you now have a fat loss program that doesn’t restrict your carb intake – in fact, when you follow the Simple Nutrition lifestyle you’ll never feel deprived of carbs again! You’ll be shocked at how many carbohydrates you can eat. But it gets even better, because while you’re easily following along and enjoying an array of deliciously satisfying foods, your body will be slimming down, naturally and effortlessly. It’s a WIN-WIN meal plan!

You’ll Get:

  • The simple cheat meal system that allows you to occasionally eat whatever you want without sabotaging your fat loss goals
  • The top 3 food myths that everyone gets wrong in their diet
  • The 15 Simple Nutrition Rules everyone must follow for a lean body
  • How you can indulge in carbs without worrying about gaining weight ever again
  • The secret of the rainbow diet and why it’s so important for fat loss
    • The one savoury, yet unusual meal you MUST include in your daily diet
    • How to avoid the shame and embarrassment of binge eating – including sneaky little tips you never would have thought would work
    • 52 ways to prevent boredom from ever seeping into your diet
    • The 7-Step Diet Detox Plan
  • You’ll be shocked when you discover the truth about detox diets that no other expert is brave enough to say. In fact, you’ll find out exactly why the popular “detox” trends you always hear about in magazines are NOT adequate for removing the pollutant build-up in your body.
  • Rounding out the Simple Nutrition System, you’ll also find a sample meal plan to help rid your bad eating habits. And it won’t take long, but once you’ve mastered the Simple Nutrition lifestyle, you’ll soon be putting together your very own healthy fat burning meal plans!
    Plus, you’ll get the long awaited “31 Blender Drink Recipes” from Craig Ballantyne and friends, showing you the best morning blender drinks, post-workout shakes, and green smoothies that you can add to your diet to help you stay energized, boost your health, and even help you lose fat faster.
    You’ll be shocked at how delicious these drinks can be – all while helping you LOSE fat…you’ll love the fact that you can have delicious and filling blender drinks that take just minutes to create.

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Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss System.

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