The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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by Mike Geary,

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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The Truth about Six Pack Abs was created by Mike Geary, a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. This program consists of a nutrition and exercise plan, aimed specifically at developing your stomach muscles and eliminating that stubborn fat that is covering your abs.

Strangely, the program does not focus on abs exercises. Instead, it will show you other exercises that will bring better results… and faster. So, you will not need to purchase any ab machine. You will learn how to modify your exercise routine and, this way, make it much more effective at burning body fat.

Mike Geary’s program also stays away from those, usually boring, cardio exercises and advises against taking any so-called fat-loss pills or supplements. The Truth about Six Pack Abs will show you nutritional secrets that will actually accelerate your metabolism, thus making your body more efficient at burning fat. So you’ll be loosing weight without ever feeling like you’re starving yourself. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re eating all the time.

The Truth about Six Pack Abs has 131 pages and is available as an ‘instantly downloadable’ e-book.

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I Love it!!!
On-Site Review
I have just recently started the program and i LOVE it so much. I’m already feeling the effects of the workouts. My body feels firmer and fitter and I look forward to the sweat.
Truth be told I was BORED TO TEARS with our usual routine at the gym. Not to mention it wasn’t really getting my stomach flat!! I love this approach cause it explains everything, and I am a person that needs to know the reasons for why I am doing what I am doing! I like the variety and the shorter workouts, as apposed to the long boring workouts and repetitive isolating exercises I used to do.

Following the program I am certainly getting the heart pumping and the sweat is flowing like I’ve never felt before. It feels great.

Michelle Smith,
Ontario, Canada

I’ve been doing sit-ups for years…
On-Site Review
…and have a vague 6 pack outline but can’t get rid of that fatty bit at the bottom of my stomach to reveal the abs better. I’ve recently bought your ab book and read it front to back. Can I just say that everything you talk about, I’ve never had explained to me before and to be honest, I’m blown away!

Everything makes so much more sense now. I’m now really pumped up to change my workouts from 2 hours a day and lots of cardio to your quicker and more effective methods. Many thanks for helping me straighten out my flawed workout habits and fitness!

Patrick Mulcrone,
Middlesex, UK

Finally lost the weight that I’ve been trying to get rid of for
On-Site Review
By following the workout routines and healthy diet tips, I was able to lose 19 lbs in just 8 weeks…this after being stuck at the same weight for years! Now, I’m excited for swim-suit season for the first time in a long while!

Debbie R.,
Cherry Hill, NJ
Been using it for about 2 weeks…
On-Site Review
and I can already feel my pants starting to loosen and I have the confidence to go outside without feeling like I have to wear a sweatshirt to hide my gut.

Jason K. C.
North Dakota

“I can feel that my body has been worked thoroughly…”
On-Site Review
The main thing I like about the program (apart from great results!) is the satisfaction I get from the workouts. After just a few sets of the unique exercises in the Truth About Abs (Renegade rows and One arm snatches being my favourites :)) I can feel that my body has been worked thoroughly and after a full session, I simply feel great… and exhausted!! And the results are coming quickly too! (without any special expensive or dangerous pills)

Timur Kary-Niyazov,
Rugby School, UK.

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  1. I really like your writing style, great information on this book especially the soy part and the exercises, thanks

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