Rocket French

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by Marie-Claire Rivière,

Rocket French

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Rocket French is a language course, designed by Marie-Claire Riviere. The course consists of 31 audio tracks. They are on average 20 minutes long. Each audio lesson comes with the transcripts of the conversations. Additionally, the course offers 45 illustrated grammar lessons on more than 400 pages. Lessons contain interactive exercises that help you to better understand and memorize presented grammar.

Course also contains 3 different software games: Mega Vocab, Mega Audio and MegaVerbs. MegaVocab focuses on your vocabulary. With it, you will learn over 1,000 words from 20 different topics. MegaAudio enables you to better understand the spoken French. The third game, MegaVerbs, helps you to master the French verbs in different tenses and persons.

The last part of the Rocket French package are megaCards. They are a memory game with which you can test your own or your friend’s knowledge of common French words.

Overall, Rocket French is a modern, interactive course for learning French. It is suitable for the sort of people that like to learn from the comfort of their home, instead of going to costly French lessons. Best of all, Rocket French is designed to be fun. You won’t have the feeling that you are studying – you will actually enjoy yourself while learning a foreign language.

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Rocket French sends your French-speaking skills rocketing.
prochymaster (from Mumbai, India) posted this review on November 5, 2009
Hi, My name is Prochy Master and I’m from Mumbai, India. I purchased Marie-Claire’s Rocket French Course some months ago. I have been teaching French for some time now, but was not too happy with my French pronunciation, since it didn’t sound like an authentic French native. I therefore purchased the course, in an effort to improve my accent. And I must say I was very happy with it. There is a wealth of material in the course and I really loved the co-host, Paul’s banter with Claire, in the initial Lessons, though he seemed to have disappeared in the later lessons.
And I think my accent must have improved, because when I recently went to France, on an educational cum cultural visit, with a group of friends, I was complimented several times on my ‘bon accent’. In fact our coach was stopped, once, by some customs’ officers, but when I started speaking to them in fairly fluent French, they were quite impressed and went out of their way to wish us ‘Bon voyage’ and ‘Bon sejour’. So thank you, Marie-Claire for a wonderful and inter-active French Course.

It has helped me tremendously
On-Site Review
I’ve been using Rocket French for about 6 months now and I use it primarily to improve my French skills for working as a mountain guide over in France and Switzerland.

It has helped me tremendously in situations like making hut reservations and hotel reservations and managing my group through the mountains and more importantly through the towns and restaurants and shops.It’s been a great program for me. It’s given me the confidence to travel and to be responsible for people in these places.

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