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by Paul Weber,

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Rocket German by Paul Weber, a teacher of German Language. Being fed up with the quality and price of the German learning material on the market, he decided to create an interactive German course that anybody could afford. Rocket German consists of several different components. The main part of the course are 31 audio lessons. On average, they are approximately 25 minutes long, which together amounts to more than 14 hours of audio material. Each lesson comes with illustrated grammar guide. The grammar lessons have more than 3000 pages and include 624 exercises.

The next part of Rocket German are 3 different software games. The first game is called MegaVocab and aims to improve the amount of German words that you use. It covers over 20 topics. The second game, MegaAudio, helps you to better understand the spoken word. In a short space of time, you will be able to recognize over 1,000 German words. Then there is MegaVerbs. It was specifically designed to help you master the German verbs in different tenses. As a bonus, the package also contains a fun memory game, Megacards, which you can use to test your knowledge of German words.

It is not hard to see why Rocket German is called The Ultimate Learn-German Kit. Based on advanced learning techniques, developed by a university professor, it promises to have you speaking German confidentially and naturally in less than 2 months.

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Rocket German actually got me speaking again
On-Site Review

I really missed just speaking & saying German words, so was determined to put in the effort to learn enough to do this properly. I was amazed to find that Rocket German actually got me speaking again. I find myself making up all sorts of sentences, based on the ones covered in the audio course, that actually apply to me, and with the grammar section, I’m much more confident at writing stuff down now, even if I don’t get it exactly right. I checked out a few of the ‘usual’ learn German products, and nothing had anything like the real people you hear on Rocket German, and it never feels like a chore to listen. (quite funny, in fact)…

I would definitely recommend it to any one wanting to learn Germ
On-Site Review

The interactive games make it more fun than any other online language course I have tried. The Interactive Audio Course was very comprehensive and the dialogue was easy to follow. Thanks to Rocket German I regained the confidence to speak German with my friends and co-workers. I would definitely recommend it to any one wanting to learn German; from beginners to those who have let their German skills lapse…

by Sophie Walker,
Christchurch, New Zealand

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