Rocket Italian

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by Maria DiLorenzi from Rocket Languages,

Rocket Italian

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Rocket Italian is an interactive language course, designed to teach you how to speak and understand the Italian language. The main part of the course are the interactive audio lessons. In over 13 hours of lessons they will take you from a complete beginner to a confident and fluent Italian speaker.

Another part of the Rocket Italian course, called MegaAudio, is designed to teach you how to understand spoken Italian. In most cases people learn a new language in a classroom, where everybody is talking slowly and without any local accent. But when they take their knowledge to the real world where people are talking fast and use uncommon phrases, they have no idea what is being said. This is probably even more so when it comes to Italians, the notorious fast speakers. For this reason MegaAudio was designed to help you to quickly learn and recognize over 1000 Italian words – as spoken by actual Italians. This way you’ll soon be able to listen to regular Italians talking to each other and understand what they’re saying.

Inside the Rocket Italian package you’ll also receive MegaVocab Software Learning Game that was specifically designed to increase your vocabulary and MegaVerbs that will teach you all the Italian grammar that you need to know.

You can order all 20 CDs of Rocket Italian course to be delivered right to your door for $299.95 plus $49.95 for shipping and handling. To do so, choose hardcopy on the order page (start by clicking on the ‘Order’ button below).

Or you can choose the downloadable version of the program for just $99.95. This way you’ll get the entire course without any shipping & handling costs and without waiting for delivery. You can download the full Rocket Italian course in just minutes after payment and you can start learning Italian right away. To order the downloadable version of Rocket Italian, click on the ‘Order’ button below and choose Instant Online Access version.

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I Highly Recommend It
On-Site Review

I can carry on a basic conversation with the workers, I can meet someone new, I can ask them how they are, where they are from, I can shop at some of the local markets here, I can order in a restaurant, It is an excellent program, it is very simple it’s very quick you can listen on your way to work, you can listen to it on your lunch hour, they are excellent, excellently constructed and they really give you a working knowledge of the language and I would highly recommend them to anyone else who is going on a trip… or just wants to be able communicate a little bit better. It has truly helped me out on my job and I plan on going through them again and probably go through it three or four times… I highly recommend it.

Joseph Seward

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