Synergy Spanish

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by Marcus Santamaria,

Synergy Spanish

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Synergy Spanish is a simple Spanish-learning method. It is based on 138 words that will allow you to express just about anything you want in Spanish. The author of the course is Marcus Santamaria. He developed a special technique of combining words, called multiplying Spanish. This technique doesn’t involve lots of grammar or thematic word-lists. Instead, Synergy Spanish will help you discover Spanish language patterns that will enable you to create over 88.000 Spanish phrases. Synergy Spanish is made up of 5 sections:

  • * Section 1 teaches you to talk about yourself,
  • * Section 2 build ups your conversation skills and helps you utilize sentence starters and sentence builders,
  • * Section 3 gives you extra Spanish speaking skills for everyday use,
  • * In the Section 4 you’ll learn to speak to groups of people,
  • * Section 5 rounds up your conversation skills and has you speaking fluently and perfectly in Spanish.

The complete Spanish Synergy course contains Fast Start Guide (teaches you how to combine words into fluent sentences), audio lessons and lifetime e-mail support. All in all, this course is based on real-life approach. It will help you speak Spanish naturally and fluently, without investing a lot of time in learning theory and grammar.

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By far the most effective
On-Site Review

I have tried other courses but this method is by far the most effective. I have enjoyed especially the CD’s. They are excepcional and the method of “breaking down” the sentence before finally asking the listener to say the full sentence is extremely effective. The CD’s are very clear and more importantly not hurried.

Joe Heneghan

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