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by Andy Brocklehurst,

Software Product Magic

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Create Software Without Programming!
Now Anyone Can Create Hot-selling Software Without Programming Or Outsourcing! Software Product Magic Builds Software With No Coding, Programming, Or Scripting.
Software Product Magic is a tool that allows you to create real sellable software products without programming and outsourcing. It allows you to bring to life any software idea you have in mind, even if you do not know anything about coding and other techie stuff. This tool is from Andy Brocklehurst, who has been a successful software marketer for quite some time now. Using Software Product Magic, Andy was able to earn more than 3,000 bucks from his software launch on Warrior forum. He earned much more than that after launching his software to the public.

Software Product Magic or SPM works by allowing you to create templates, and letting you set how users interact with these templates. Everything is “wizard style,” so you simply have to follow the steps, supply needed information, hit a button, and there goes your new software ready for selling. Using Software Product Magic, you can easily make software, such as affiliate cash site builders, instant eBook creators, kindle book creators, calorie calculators, resume writers, sales letter generators, Facebook app creators, and a whole lot more. With your creativity, you can have a chance to develop the next big Internet marketing software.

All in all, Software Product Magic is a must-have tool for anyone who has a lot of great software ideas, but lack the coding knowledge or the outsourcing budget to build them. With a single purchase of SPM, you can create unlimited pieces of software, catering to different needs, which you can either use for yourself or sell to the public. Software Product Magic will definitely pay for itself after your first software launch.

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Enjoy ease of use, functionality, and the best support!
On-Site Review
Software Product Magic is, in my opinion, head and shoulders above any other comparable product on the market today. I purchased MYOS a few years ago at $197 and it did a reasonable job and i created some cool products. BUT MYOS has many limitations. For example, it will only work with a single file. SPM works with multiple files in a folder which opens it up to a whole new level of product creation. With MYOS for example, you can create a single web page whereas with SPM you can create a complete web site!

Then, of course, you’ve got branding tools, output to PDF and zip…the list goes on! One of the things I love about SPM is that you can even create demo software as well as lock the software with your own licence keys! This feature alone is worth the price of the Pro version!

SPM is also extremely easy to use. I had a product made – literally – within 15 minutes. That product brought in over $1000 in sales!

Andy has done a tremendous job with SPM. I’ve bought many of his products in the past and he always over delivers. If you want to get into product creation, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that come close to SPM in terms of ease-of-use and functionality for the non-programmer. Used properly and it is a real goldmine.

This will probably be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in terms of potential income generation from a one-time payment. And, the one thing you can be assured of when buying Andy’s products is that you’re getting the best support in the business!

Adam Jackson,

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