Do This Burn Fat

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By Mike Geary,

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Do This, Burn Fat: 101 Sneaky Weight Loss Tricks eBook by Mike Geary & Jeff Anderson.

Do This Burn Fat Review:

Do This, Burn Fat was written for one purpose – to give you simple tips, tricks, and guidelines to burn as much fat possible… without following a diet, workout program, or any of the typical means of weight loss.

This is NOT a diet, nor is it a workout program. It’s simply a collection of scientifically proven tips and tricks (some strange, but all effective) to help you lose as much weight possible in the shortest amount of time. All of the tricks are healthy, so don’t worry about needing to follow some weird, unhealthy topic to weight loss.

Tricks like “The Mobile Phone Trick,” “The High-Low Trick,” “The Sex Trick,” “The Post-Workout Elixir,” and “The Ab Fat Melting Trick,” just to name a few.

Some tricks are for your diet, others tips for your exercise, some mental… and some are just downright strange, but ALL of them work and work well.

Think about this – all it really takes to get you over the “weight loss hump” is 1 or 2 tweaks to your diet or exercise program, and then BAM the weight seems to fall right off. I’ve seen it before, and it’s amazing. This book gives you those tips, tricks, and tweaks to get you out of that

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