Turbulence Training

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by Craig Ballantyne,

Turbulence Training

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Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne is a new training system based on the latest scientific discoveries. Several scientific studies have lately shown that ordinary fitness routines are not nearly as effective as people thought and that new, more effective approach is needed.

This is where Turbulence Training steps in – this revolutionized method of training recommends doing less repetitions (but with heavier weights), it recommends training just 3 times a week (workouts should be shorter – about 45 minutes – but very intense), and it shows you how to get great results without actually going to the gym (you can do it all in the comfort of your home). Because of its features, Turbulence Training will save your time but give you better and quicker results than traditional fitness routines.

Turbulence Training was created as a result of more than six years of  University research, 16 years of personal experience and over 5000 training sessions. Its creator, Craig  Ballantyne, a well-known CSC (Certified Strength and Conditioning) specialist, has written about Turbulence Training in many of the biggest fitness magazines, such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Maximum Fitness, Oxygen…

Turbulence Training is a training workout for men and women who don’t have much time, but still want to loose weight and build muscles. It is a scientifically proven, doctor approved program that is endorsed by some of the top fitness professionals.

“Emily Johnson Fits Back Into Her Skinny Jeans, Losing 15.5 Pounds, 5.3% Body Fat, 2 Inches from Her Waist, and 4 Inches of Belly Fat”

Turbulence Training“When I began my transformation, I had been trying for years to lose weight. What I appreciate most about Craig’s system is its simplicity. I am now spending less time in the gym than before and getting my best results ever.

I never realized how much of a difference social support can really make but being surrounded by the other amazing people on the TT forum who were all working towards a similar goal and facing similar challenges was an integral part of keeping me motivated and moving towards my goal.

Turbulence Training

During my 12 week journey I lost 15.5 lbs, inches off everywhere, and 5.3% body fat…I was able to take “after pictures” fitting comfortably into a pair of size 27 jeans that I haven’t fit into in years!

I guess the only thing I can say is thanks so much to Craig for creating this incredible system and to all of my fellow transformers who were an unending source of motivation, support, and inspiration.”
Emily Johnson

Turbulence Training

“Catherine Beats Fat Loss Plateau By Losing 14 Inches, 14 Pounds, and 5% Body Fat – And She Looks 14 Years Younger!”
“Eight years ago, I quit smoking, and joyfully, found out I was pregnant shortly afterward. I dealt with these happy occurrences by rapidly gaining 60 pounds. I took it for granted that I could take it off again. Wrong. Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, they all worked for a little while, but I couldn’t get below 140, and I couldn’t maintain my losses for very long.

So what changed? What is it about Turbulence Training that got me beyond that dreaded plateau?

First, I had a specific goal, and a date to reach it. I’d never done that before! Second I had Craig Ballantyne’s TT workouts and intervals. The one-two punch of resistance and intensity finally made the difference. Third, I “got it”, about the importance of the right nutrition. Sensible whole foods and Eat Stop Eat made losing weight doable. Fourth, I had support. My loving husband and son were behind me from the beginning. Add to that the unmatched support I got on the TT Member’s Forum, and my dream of transforming my body in 12 weeks came true.

Age – 44
Height – 5’2″
Before TT Weight – 147
After TT Weight – 133
Before Hips – 41″
After Hips – 37.5″
Before Body Fat% – 32%
After Body Fat% – 27%

From the first time that you post in support of someone, you get connected to an amazing positive cycle of wisdom and encouragement that carries you along on the way to your goals. I am so grateful for this 12 week transformation!
Catherine Gordon,
Turbulence Training Transformation Contest Winner

Turbulence Training
Robyn Sets a TT Fat Loss Record and Loses Over 34 Pounds in 12 Weeks While 9.5 Inches from Her Waist, 5.75 Inches from Her Hips, and 5 Inches from Each Thigh!
Just 12 weeks ago, I was overweight, unfit, unhealthy, lethagic, smoking, depressed because of it all, and yet only contemplating doing something about it, but that seemed like too much effort.

To tell you the truth, I’d really had enough of trying to tie up my shoe laces without gasping for air, having no energy, and being overweight to the point where I had become anti-social and a little depressed, not even wanting to visit old time friends, go out socially or even to church meetings, or even visit relatives.

The eating plan I basically stuck to was simple. I just ate clean, fresh, unprocessed foods, and increased my water consumption, just like they suggested.

About half way through I discovered that the forums were great to get involved in. The other members were so supportive and encouraging, and any question or concern I had, they were right with me.

Thank you Craig. My life has totally transformed because of this program, and my only hope is that I can encourage many others to also improve their quality of life by taking on the same challenge.
Robyn Sutorowski

Rachel Nichols

She Built Movie Star Arms and Did Her First Chin-up

“Craig’s workouts were fun and challenging – I didn’t dread going to the gym and I wasn’t overly sore after our sessions. Much like my trainer in LA, Craig’s workouts were always different: the exercises, the supersets, the weights…the combination of elements always varied and, therefore, I never got bored or felt like I was in a workout rut. And my co-stars couldn’t believe how great my arms looked, thanks to Craig helping me do my first chin-up. Thanks Craig!”
Rachel Nichols, Actress, Model

%100 money back guarantee.

For 21 days you’ll get to try the Turbulence Training workouts and all you pay is $4.95 during that time (which is like one trip to Starbucks), Then you’ll Pay $35.00 after the 21 days trial if you like it.

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Turbulence Training.

Rachel Nichols

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