Fat Loss Factor Review

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Fat Loss Factor ReviewChoosing the best weight loss program Has become a difficult task and most people search for a result oriented program that will go in complete harmony with their requirements. That is where the importance of an impartial fat loss factor review comes in.
A Fat Loss Factor review of Dr Charles Diet Plan and Workout Program has been released to show Fat Loss Factor Review Released To Show “Does Fat Loss Factor Work?” We reveals whether the claims that this fat loss program makes are really true.

Fat Loss Factor

Fat Loss Factor Program

The Fat Loss Factor Review
Program name: Fat Loss Factor
Program Author: Dr. Charles Livingston
Sale Price: $47
Refund policy: 60 days
Trial: 21 days Try before buying the product
Official Site: Click Here To Visit The Official Website

Fat Loss Factor diet details:
Fat Loss Factor created by Dr. Charles Livingston, he is well known chiropractor and wellness specialist. He developed the plan in an effort to fight against the fad diets and offer an holistic solution to weight issues that takes in all aspects of physical wellness.
His practice is respected and successful, and over the years he’s been offering his help to his patients with a remarkable degree of success.

How Fat Loss Factor Works?

The program is 12 weeks diet and well thought out detox plan will be given for the first 2 weeks. The results showed In about 8 to 15 days by following the Fat Loss Factor you will loss about 7 pounds of body fat, including 2 inches from the stomach and 2 inches from the thighs.

Fat loss factor review

Fat Loss Factor – Pros and cons


  1. The fact that it only necessitates 12-weeks to accomplish is also a plus since most weight loss techniques today are way longer than that. Ideally, you can only lose about 2 pounds of weight per week but thanks to Dr. Charles’s approach, I managed to shed more than that but without compromising the health.
  2. Due to the initial two week detox phase you can expect the weight to come off quickly at the start of the plan.
  3. Matched with HIT and strength training you’ll find the first two weeks successful, but unlike other plans you won’t see the weight crawl back up once the detox is over.
  4. Instead, the program is focused on real, genuine fat loss rather than the short term loss of water weight. There are no tricks here, just a simple and comprehensive guide to how to make the body burn fat in the most efficient way possible.
  5. Since the program was developed by an actual doctor (and a respected one at that) you’ll know that the steps are all backed by solid science, gathered by Livingston and his fellow professionals over long, successful careers. They also know that people are people, and like all doctors they built in a margin of error to account for temptation. The occasional cheat here and there won’t derail the plan.
  6. Helpful tools such as the exercise log, recipe eBook and grocery shopping guide are also excellent advantages to this product that are not present anywhere else.
  7. Constant contact with Dr. Charles through email is also available, ensuring that any questions about the system will be answered.
  8. There’s also a 60 day money back guarantee, which is why I bought this product in the first place.


  1. Some people complain that the first phase is a bit harsh for them.
  2. This program demands a lot of commitment and discipline.
  3. The product is the Lemonade Diet phase. As people who has never tried the Lemonade Diet.

Program Format:
Fat Loss Factor is in the form eBook (PDF file) and quality videos, You will download it immediately after the payment without any difficulty.
Customer Support:
If you have any question about the product you will contact the customer support, they are a huge number of people and they be happy to help you super fast.
What does the Fat Loss Factor program included? Fat Loss Factor

  1. Fat Loss Factor eBook
  2. Videos showing the cleansing process
  3. Detailed workout plans
  4. Exercise log for monitoring the weight loss progress
  5. Goal setting guide
  6. Foojoo software
  7. 15 minutes workouts
  8. Shopping list for the grocery
  9. eBook containing the recipes
  10. Measurement forms
  11. Lifetime upgrades
  12. Free email coaching for one year

Final Conclusion and Rating
Building muscles and weight loss will go in complete harmony with fat loss factor. According to the makers of the fat loss factor program, Fat burning should be an enjoyable process and that is why this weight loss program stands tall among the competitors. The systematic method of approach advocated in this weight loss program has won great appreciation and feedback of the existing users motivate others to buy this weight loss plan. The customers rated the fat loss factor is 9.5 out of 10 and it is a clear indication of the true quality of this program.
Fat Loss

Fat Loss Factor Pricing
Regular Price: $97.00 after Discount All the package For only $47
Limited Time Special Offer – More Than 50% OFF
%100 money back guarantee!

Click here to visit the official Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor website to purchase and download Fat Loss Factor PDF eBook and Workout Videos.

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