The Beauty Of Food

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by Hanan,

The Beauty Of Food

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Are you looking for a beauty treatment that will make you look and feel younger? Are you sick and tired of spending huge amount of money on pricey and ineffective creams and those 5-minute Botox treatments? Do you want to know the secrets to getting stunning beauty results?
Did you know that these natural agents often work even better than pricey, store-bought solutions, offering you everything from a 7-minute “Botox” treatment that costs less than $.50…to a $.03 hand cream?

Discover how you can look younger in minutes without leaving your home and using any expensive beauty products and treatments in The Beauty Of Food by Hanan natural beauty consultant, This book reveals the author’s beauty secrets that involve food, spices, and other ingredients that you can find in or near your kitchen. It will show you the best, all-natural beauty and beauty recipes enhancers that have been proven effective and safe.

With The Beauty Of Food, you will discover the hidden, natural formulations or agents from Persia that often work better than pricey “age-defying” lotions, creams, and other solutions you can buy in stores. Inside the book, you will learn the foods that you can use topically to improve the tightness and texture of your skin, the Eastern shiny hair secret that beats any shampoo, the “Persian Princess” mixture that will give your Face, hands and neck a younger look, how to deal with wrinkles and the best way to prevent future wrinkles, some “add this food” tips that slow the aging process, A complete Beauty Tips, and much more.

There are tons of benefits that you can gain from The Beauty Of Food. With the help of this book, you will not only look but also feel young, beautiful, and happy.

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The Beauty Of Food.

Look Younger

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