The Venus Factor

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by John Barban,

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The Venus Factor program by the famous trainer John Barban, it is a complete fat loss program for women only, it is an eBook, diet plan and exercises videos series, it is number #1 BEST SELLER Fat loss program, this program will helps women to lose weight, burn fat and lose belly fat fast.

It is every woman’s dream to have the hourglass-shaped body but not all are naturally blessed with this kind of figure. A lot of women try weight loss diet programs, perform ground-breaking cardio exercises and even take all sorts of diet pills they see in the market just to have the hourglass body. However, most of the time, they fail. The reason for such failure is not because these women lack dedication. Sometimes, no matter how dedicated the woman is, she fails in her goal to get sexier simply because the weight loss program does not work. If you really are dedicated to get the body you’ve always wanted, you should have a program such as Venusfactor which can definitely help you reach your goals. The Venus Factor weight loss e-book and videos exercises is a body transformation program for women only. The Venus Factor helps you get the hourglass-shaped body instead of just shedding fats and losing weight. This amazing program which has taken thousands of women by surprise has been developed by John Barban – Professor of the Perfect Body and the “Adonis Index”. The Venus Factor is a miraculous gift to every woman out there who deserves to have a sexy hourglass-shaped body.

How Venus Factor works?

Every person is unique when it comes to body shapes. By considering factors such as the waist-to-hip ratio, the height-to-waist ratio and the waist-to-shoulder ratio of every individual, John Barban has developed a very unique program which targets the improvement of these ratios. The Venus Factor works by helping you achieve your ideal body shape through nutritional programs and effective workout programs. The Venus Factor is the first and only weight loss plan designed to increase female metabolism and bring out the sexy goddess in you by delivering fast, long term, enjoyable fat loss without restricting the foods you crave most, with this program you can eat any food you love such as Pizza and Sweets.

What is included in the Venus Factor Program Package?

  • The main manual which can help you decide whether you need to lose weight or gain weight.
  • The Body Centric Eating Guide which can help you determine the right eating formula considering your individual needs.
  • The Venus Factor workout manual which shall provide you with all the 12-week workout plans.
  • The Workout schedule which includes all the exercising schedules and explanations you need for the 12-week duration.
  • And Much Much More.

The Venus Factor Program Review:

Pros: Here are some of the advantages of choosing the Venus Factor Transformation Program:

  • The program is ideal for every woman regardless of their age.
  • The workout programs are illustrated through videos and pictures which are included in the package for free.
  • There is no need for you to purchase expensive gym materials.
  • You can enjoy whatever food you like as long as you follow certain limitations specified in the program.
  • It is not only focused on helping you lose weight and fat. It is more of helping you achieve your ideal body shape.
  • The John Barban offers a 60-days %100 money-back guarantee.


  • It is only for women, not for men.

Is The Venus Factor System A Scam?

No, The Venus Factor System isn’t A Scam, the program helped thousands of women to lose weight fast without any side effects and get perfect body. Also it is recommended by famous fitness experts like Kyle Leon the author of Customized Fat Loss program and recommended by doctors like DR. Jill Hollowell.

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Before And After Results

Venus Factor results before and after Venus Factor results before and after download

The Venus Factor

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