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by Dove Cresswell,

Dog Training Online

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Dove Cresswell is a  Professional Hollywood Dog Trainer offers an online dog-training course. The course contains step-by-step video lessons, designed for everyone – from a complete beginner to a long-time dog owner.

In each lesson, you will see and hear Dove perform different exercises. This is extremely important as you get to know how to give the commands and what kind of body signals, posture and voice you should be using.

In the Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online, you will get 7 video lessons:

* Puppy house/potty training,
* Basic dog obedience training (commands, such as sit, down, stay, wait),
* Teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash,
* The Recall – Teach your dog to come every time you call,
* How to Crate Train your dog correctly,
* Good dog manners (you will teach your dog to stop jumping on people, stop barking, leave home items alone, not to bite, etc),
* Special dog tricks (shake-a-paw, wave, rollover, speak).

You will also receive eight free Bonuses!!!

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  1. dog training says:

    Most dogs are eager to please and respond better to rewards than punishment. You must thoroughly show the dog what it is to do at first, and then develop a routine and reward that the dog practices daily. This is the most efficient way for your dog to learn anything new. You should show them through repeated practice accompanied with rewards.

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