Building A Chicken Coop

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by Bill Keene,

Building A Chicken Coop

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Building A Chicken Coop is an e-book that will teach you how to build an inexpensive yet attractive chicken coop that will not only ensure the safety of your chickens, but will also guarantee them optimal health. Author Bill Keene shows you how to build a coop in a very simple step-by-step manner by providing a series of detailed plans. These plans are complete with cross-sectional diagrams and a list of the required dimensions and materials. You won’t have to perform any complex measurements or get any fancy, expensive tools.

In Building A Chicken Coop, you’ll get instructions on how to build a midsize chicken coop, how to build a portable and low-maintenance chicken coop ark, and even how to build a premium chicken house that automatically collects eggs. The book also contains helpful information on the kinds of food that can be harmful to your chickens as well as the most common chicken illnesses and how to cure them.

You will also learn how to select the right breed of chickens for your particular climate. Best of all, you will discover how to breed chickens yourself to create a self-sustaining flock.

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Bonus #1: How To Best Position Your Chicken Coop PDF format
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Bonus #2: How To Build Nesting Boxes For Free Out of Common Materials in PDF format
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Bonus #3: The Best Materials For The Ground in PDF format
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Bonus #4: The Cheapest Materials To Build Your Coop Out Of in PDF format
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you must read this book…
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…If you are considering keeping chickens in your back yard, you must read this book. Whether you have a tiny courtyard or acres to play with, Keene’s advice will stand you in good stead and help you build the right chicken coop. The focus of the book is on being well-prepared for your flock before they even arrive. Keene ensures that you consider every issue before you spend a cent on birds, feed or equipment. He discusses which species is appropriate for your garden, what they should eat and, as the title suggests, how you should house them. Anyone with basic do-it-yourself tools and a patch of land could follow his instructions. The drawings and diagrams are easy to interpret and the lists of materials and tools needed are very helpful. Keene also appreciates that the value of using recycled materials in your chicken coop – cheap and environmentally friendly. Keene encourages responsible husbandry – his reminder of tasks to be completed weekly, monthly and sixth monthly should be replicated onto the calendar of any careful poultry keeper. The level of detail is just right, from a list of the color of the egg you might expect from you hen to a description of healthy hen’s poop! If you follow his tips, your happy hens will be very productive. Next we need a cookbook for ideas to use up all the spare eggs…

Tracyann – Amateur Chicken Farmer
Devon, United Kingdom

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