Dog Food Secrets

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by Andrew Lewis,

Dog Food Secrets

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After his dog, Noble, died, just 4 years of age, Andrew Lewis, the author of Dog Food Secrets, discovered that it was commercial dog food that caused Noble’s kidney failure and eventually death. Outraged at this discovery he devoted 3 years of his life investigating dog food industry. What he found out was shocking, to say the least. Most commercial dog food contains at last 6 deadly chemicals (long-ago banned from all human foods), that can cause several different types of cancer, liver and kidney failure, hair loss, allergies, behavioral problems, or even blindness.

In his book, Dog Food Secrets, Mr. Lewis explains how you should feed your dog. By making sure your dog is eating the right kind of foods (and in the right amount), your dog will be healthier, happier and live longer. But it’s not just about the food. For perfect health your dog must follow a complete healthcare regime its entire life. All the information needed for this are also included in the Dog Food Secrets.

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