Cat Secrets Revealed

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by Liz Barton,

Cat Secrets Revealed

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Cat Secrets Revealed is a step-by-step guide that will teach you to change the behavior of your cat. The techniques in the book are based on the knowledge of the feline psyche. The key point of the guide is that only when you understand your cat’s behavior, you are able to change it. By gaining an understanding of your cat’s natural instincts, you will learn how to:

* Keep your cat from scratching the furniture,
* Identify and eliminate situations that are stressful to your cat,
* Prevent your pet from acting aggressively,
* Put an end to spraying,
* Change undesired potty behavior,
* Soothe a timid cat,
* Help your cat build relationship with your other pets,
* Maintain a happy multi-cat household
* Last but not least, Cat Secrets Revealed will help you to have a fun and loving relationship with your cat.

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On-Site Review

I purchased the book because I was having trouble introducing a new kitten into our 2-cat household and was desperately looking for a good, workable solution. The book gave me all the help I needed to finally get all our cats to accept each other and become friends.

Not only did my main problem get solved, but I also learned many other tactics even though I’ve had cats for quite a while. I finally learned how to keep cats off the counter when I’m not around and how to get them to scratch in the right place… I would highly recommend “Cat Behavior Secrets” to anyone who has a cat or is planning to get one.

Judy Burney
Beaverton, Oregon

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