Learning Spanish Like Crazy

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by Patrick Jackson,

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

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Learning Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC) is an audio-based language course that will teach you how to speak Spanish like they do in Latin America. Unlike most of the Spanish courses this days that teach the language as it’s spoken in Spain, Learning Spanish Like Crazy focuses on the way the language is spoken in South America, Central America, the Spanish part of the Caribbean and, of course, in the United States.

Inside the Learning Spanish Like Crazy course you’ll receive 15 audio CDs that were recorded by real native Latin Americans. Because of this, you’ll not only be learning the correct accent, but will actually be using the same language that is spoken when people talk to their friends and family. This way you’ll learn the phrases and words that are actually being used instead of some outdated, formal version of the language that is so often being taught in other language schools and courses.

Just in case you’re more of a visual learner, you’ll also receive the full transcripts of all of the lessons. This way you can go through them again and again at your own pace.

Learning real Latin American Spanish with the Learning Spanish Like Crazy course can be fun and will have you speaking with your Latin friends in no time.

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As a psychiatrist who works in an inner city clinic with many Hispanic clients….
On-Site Review
I needed to improve my grasp of the Spanish language, especially listening comprehension and spoken expression. I had tried several other methods of learning Spanish but was never fully satisfied with the results.

Finally I discovered LSLC and found its intensive focus on listening and speaking to be just what the doctor ordered.

Orange, Conneticut

My story is the same as any other…
On-Site Review

I Spent TONS of money on other Spanish programs (I had 10 total!), only to find out most of it is no longer used! Thank goodness I had bilingual employees who corrected me kindly and didn’t laugh at me! I found LSLC and at first thought it was too expensive; however, after my last frustration trying to speak to an employee and getting nowhere, I had had it! I bought LSLC and never looked back. The learning is simple and easy to remember. Now, I get praise from my employees for my effort to learn their language.

Carrie S.

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